Welcome to the Era of Message Driven Business

Welcome to the Era of Message Driven Business

Grow Your Business with WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API accelerates growth by facilitating lead generation, streamlining customer support chat flows, and enriching shopping experiences with interactive catalogues.
Lead Generation

Transforms messaging into powerful lead generation, bridging businesses and potential clients effortlessly.

Customer Support

Enhance customer interactions with streamlined chat flows, ensuring swift resolutions and fostering brand loyalty.

Business Solutions

Transform your business with seamless & interactive shopping catalogs, booking systems, form building, and integrated payments, all within WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Businesses

WhatsApp is evolving into an end-to-end business solution, enabling entire operations
to unfold seamlessly through conversations.

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WhatsApp Users
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Business Conversations
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prefer messaging over emailing
Ai enabled chatbots for businesses

Energise your WhatsApp With
Advanced Generative AI and
ChatGPT-4 Enabled ChatBots

Easy to Use Dashboard / Mobile App

Data Management

Utilise automatic data capturing, monitor customer journeys, register vital customer attributes, and employ tags for targeted intent filtering.

Campaign Execution

Effortlessly execute messaging campaigns, secure approvals from WhatsApp instantly, and pre-schedule for timely, impactful outreach.

Comprehensive Analytics

Assess delivery and read statuses, monitor click-through rates, and leverage detailed metrics to gauge campaign impact and decode customer behaviour.


Unlock WhatsApp Business API’s Premium Features for End-to-End Business Solutions

Maximise your business potential on WhatsApp with features designed for impact:
from QR codes, Green Tick verification, to advanced campaign tools and seamless CRM integrations.

Unlimited QR Codes

Generate endless WhatsApp links and QR codes via the API, guiding prospects to chat while effortlessly capturing vital data for enhanced engagement.

Green Tick Authentication

Through our WhatsApp API, apply for the coveted Green Tick, certifying your business's authenticity and bolstering trust among users and prospects.

Message Template Approval

Utilise our WhatsApp API to gain approvals for message templates directly from WhatsApp, ensuring captivating and compliant campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Tags & Attributes

Employ our WhatsApp Business API's tags and attributes for precise targeting, crafting tailored campaigns that speak directly to each segment of your audience.

Marketing & Broadcast Campaigns

Leverage our WhatsApp API to schedule and target lead generation campaigns, ensuring direct, effective reach and heightened marketing impact.

CRM Integrations

Integrate popular CRMs and e-commerce platforms with our WhatsApp API, streamlining pivotal customer interactions and enhancing relationship management.

Monthly Subscriptions

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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 500
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 700
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 1100
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 1400
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 1800
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 2700
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 3750
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 7500
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 9000
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 12,000
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 24,000
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months
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WhatsApp Conversations

₹ 50,000
Monthly ( Taxes Extra )
Convert to Annual by paying for 10 Months

No Markup on WhatsApp Conversation Pricing

Marketing Message - ₹0.7265 , Utility Message- ₹0.3082 , Service Message- ₹0.2906

(Paid to Meta Directly)


Add-On’s Pricing

Item Price (per month) Price (per annum)
Additional Agents ₹600 ₹6000
Item Price (per month)
Pack of 1,000 Conversations ₹300
Pack of 5,000 Conversations ₹800
Pack of 10,000 Conversations ₹1,500
Pack of 100,000 Conversations ₹12,000

Support Integrations.

Why Choose Us

Our Solutions Have Been Proven to Enhance Business Performance

Setting Up WhatsApp Business Account

We'll swiftly set up your WhatsApp Business account, guiding you from Facebook Business Manager verification to securing the prestigious Green Tick badge.

Develop Chat Flows for Robust Customer Support

We craft tailored WhatsApp chat flows to enable automated, efficient customer interactions, and handle FAQ’s ensuring your business delivers swift and personalised communication.

Product Catalogue for Seamless Shopping

We design detailed WhatsApp product catalogues that showcase your offerings, making it easy for customers to browse and add to cart and pay directly within the app.

24/7 Live support & Weekly Orientation

Our service provides round-the-clock live chat support and weekly orientation sessions to ensure our WhatsApp API customers are fully equipped to maximise platform benefits.

Broadcast Promotional Messages

Businesses can now broadcast and automate promotional mes- sages officially, including special offers, discount codes, and festive greetings, without risking number blocking.

Click to WhatsApp Ads

Drive 5X leads and 2-3X conversions with Facebook and Insta- gram ads linked to WhatsApp. Organise leads by campaign and create tailored chatbot flows or retarget with broadcasts.

Smart Retargeting

Automatically categorise broadcast audiences as Delivered, Read, or Replied in our dashboard. Utilise these insights for retargeting campaigns, proven to triple sales and engagement.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Use WhatsApp Smart Notifications to quickly reclaim aban- doned carts and dropped applications, featuring engaging Call-to-Action buttons for increased user interaction.

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Frequently Ask Questions

WhatsApp Business API is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to connect with customers via the widely-used WhatsApp messaging app. This service is particularly useful for efficient communication between business and its customers. Businesses can handle customer queries and support through WhatsApp automated chat flows. It supports online shopping features, making it easier to manage orders and updates. It integrates smoothly with current business systems for better operational flow.
WhatsApp Business API can help your business grow by enabling direct, personalised communication with customers on a platform they use daily. It supports scalable messaging for marketing, customer service, and e-commerce transactions, which can lead to increased engagement, improved customer satisfaction, and higher conversion rates, fostering both growth and customer loyalty.

WhatsApp Business API is your all-in-one solution for boosting customer engagement and making your business communication smoother and more effective. The main features of WhatsApp Business API include :

    • Automated Chatbots: Get instant replies to customer queries with smart chatbots, making communication swift and efficient.
    • Bulk Messaging: Reach out to a large audience at once - perfect for promotions and announcements.
    • CRM Integration: Seamlessly connect with your Customer Relationship Management tools for better data handling.
    • Multimedia Messaging: Send images, videos, and more to make your messages more engaging.
    • E-commerce Friendly: Manage your product catalog, handle orders, and provide real-time support, all within WhatsApp.
    • Transaction Updates: Keep your customers informed about their purchases and transactions instantly.
    • Detailed Analytics: Gain insights into customer interactions to make informed decisions.
  • Efficient Contact Management: Organise and manage customer contacts with ease.
The WhatsApp Business API is different from the regular WhatsApp Business app. While the WhatsApp Business App is easy to use for small shops and personal businesses, the API is made for all kinds of businesses, big and small, and has special tools for sending bulk messages and integrating to other business systems. It's officially authorised by WhatsApp for any business that needs it.

Starting with WhatsApp Business API is a great step for enhancing your business communication! Here's a simple guide on what you need before you begin:

  • Business Phone Number: A business phone no. which should not be active on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App. If already active, we need to delete the previous account first.
  • Facebook Business Account: WhatsApp Business API requires a Facebook Business Manager account for access and management. If you don't have one, setting it up is straightforward.
  • Verified Business: Ensure your business is verified on Facebook. An active website with domain name email is necessary for business verification. This adds credibility and is a prerequisite for accessing the API.
  • Compliance with WhatsApp Policies: Familiarise yourself with WhatsApp’s policies to ensure your business complies with their terms of service.
The costs associated with using WhatsApp Business API include monthly subscriptions and WhatsApp conversation credits. Additional service charges may apply for services provided. There's also the cost of development and enhancement, and if you opt for add-on services like chat flows and e-commerce integrations, these may increase your monthly subscription. This structure allows for flexible and scalable usage based on your business needs.
Yes, you can migrate your current WhatsApp Business account to the API version, but it requires deleting your existing account and starting afresh with the API. Also, note that once migrated, the API number will no longer work on the Mobile WhatsApp App, as it is exclusively for API use. This process allows for a more advanced business messaging experience.
Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp Business API with your current CRM system! Just make sure to check the compatibility of your CRM for a smooth integration. Most modern CRM systems come with in-built features that support this integration, allowing for efficient customer communication and data management right within your CRM. This makes handling customer queries and sending message updates much easier and more streamlined.
Yes, you can definitely automate conversations on WhatsApp Business API! It allows you to build custom chat flows, enabling automated responses to common customer inquiries. This feature enhances customer engagement and streamlines communication, making it a powerful tool for efficient and effective customer interaction.
Yes, to use WhatsApp Business API, you need to have your Facebook Business Manager account verified. This verification is a crucial step to ensure authenticity and security, and it aligns with WhatsApp's policy for business accounts.
Yes, WhatsApp Business API does have message limits and restrictions. Initially, the limit is 250 messages for 24 hrs if Facebook Business Manager is not verified, and 1000 if it is verified, which gradually increase as you maintain a good quality rating. Also, the API primarily allows for response messages to customer-initiated conversations, with only approved templates used for outbound messaging. This ensures quality communication and spam prevention.
If you need to exceed your messaging quota in WhatsApp Business API and your Facebook Business Manager is verified, start utilising your full quota of messages daily. By consistently using your current quota, WhatsApp recognises your increased needs and will automatically consider raising your quota, adapting to your business's growing requirements.
Yes, you can send bulk messages using WhatsApp Business API without fearing your number getting banned, as long as you comply with WhatsApp's guidelines. This API allows for responsible bulk messaging, enabling you to reach a wider audience while maintaining high standards of communication and respecting user privacy.
With WhatsApp Business API, you can send diverse types of messages, including text, images, videos, documents, and audio files. With various intents like marketing, utility, transactional, or service-related, It's perfect for personalised customer interactions, support queries, product information, and updates, offering a versatile and engaging way to communicate with your audience.

Initially, your display name appears as 'Available without re-
view’, during which your number will be visible to the receiver. Once
WhatsApp approves it, your display name will be shown.

In WhatsApp Business API, the differences are:

  • Marketing Messages are aimed at promoting products or services, like special offers or new product launches.
  • Utility/Service Messages, Provide useful information, like appointment reminders or travel updates.
  • Messages are related to customer transactions, such as purchase confirmations or payment receipts.
    Each serves a unique purpose in customer communication, aligning with different business needs.
Yes, in WhatsApp Business API, you get 1000 free service messages for customer-initiated conversations. Moreover, there's a tiered pricing model that includes free conversations within a 24-hour window after a business or customer sends the first message. This approach helps businesses manage costs while engaging actively with customers.
In WhatsApp Business API, you're charged for conversations based on a tiered pricing model. Charges apply primarily to business-initiated conversations, with rates varying by intent of message. Each conversation, initiated by your business or the customer, is counted for 24 hours from the first message sent, allowing for multiple exchanges within this period without additional costs.
Yes, with WhatsApp Business API, you can broadcast messages to people who have not saved your number. But users can opt-out or block your number, ensuring respectful and consent-based communication, in line with WhatsApp's user privacy policies.
Using WhatsApp Business API, you can personalise customer interactions by using customer data to create tailored messages, such as using their name or referencing past interactions. This approach enhances customer experience, making interactions more engaging and relevant.
Yes, in WhatsApp Business API, your message templates need to be approved by WhatsApp, which can be done directly within the API. This approval process ensures your messages comply with WhatsApp's standards, maintaining quality and effectiveness in communication.
With WhatsApp Business API, you can track key metrics such as message delivery and read receipts, response rates, and customer engagement levels. This data helps in analysing the effectiveness of your communication strategies and improving customer interactions for better business outcomes.
Certainly! WhatsApp Business API not only offers end-to-end encryption for messages but also includes password protection for accessing the API dashboard. This adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that customer information and business data are handled with utmost confidentiality and safety. This makes it a highly secure and trusted choice for businesses.
WhatsApp Business API prioritises customer privacy by ensuring end-to-end encryption for all messages. This means only you and your customers can access the contents of the conversations, safeguarding personal and sensitive information. The API adheres to strict privacy standards, making it a secure choice for businesses and customers alike.
To ensure compliance with WhatsApp Business API policies, regularly review and adhere to WhatsApp's guidelines, especially regarding user consent and data privacy. Keep your messaging relevant, respectful, and avoid spam. Staying updated with any policy changes is key to maintaining compliance and a good quality rating.
Yes, with WhatsApp Business API, you can efficiently manage multiple user conversations simultaneously. This feature enables streamlined and effective communication, making it ideal for businesses looking to handle high volumes of customer interactions at once.
No, there isn't a separate mobile app for using WhatsApp Business API. The API is designed for integration with business systems and software, offering advanced functionalities for larger businesses, rather than being managed through a standalone app. But you can manage it through the browser on your mobile device, allowing some flexibility in handling business communications.
Digiwah Technosys LLP offers comprehensive technical support for WhatsApp Business API setup and management, including weekly orientation sessions, assistance with onboarding your WhatsApp Business account, and support for message template approval if you face any issues. Additionally, we provide training support to help you maximise the API's potential and assistance with verifying your Facebook Business Manager account. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for your business.

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