The WhatsApp Business API is revolutionising the way businesses communicate with their customers. It’s great to see more businesses embracing WhatsApp Business API to enhance their customer communication and engagement. Here’s a beginners guide to use WhatsApp Business API for your enterprise.

Customer Experience plays a vital role in the success of any business. Being able to connect directly and quickly offers a more convenient and personal approach, allowing for a tailor-made interaction.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has emerged as a strong platform for businesses to connect with their customers.

You may be wondering, why WhatsApp?

Firstly, it is a cost-effective channel as businesses need not pay for the app.

Secondly, WhatsApp has a higher engagement rate than any other social media platform, with opening rate of 95-98% on WhatsApp.
With the increasing popularity of the messaging App, WhatsApp Business API has become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. So, how can businesses begin to utilise WhatsApp Business API?

Here’s a beginner’s guide to get started:

1. Get Registered with WhatsApp Business API

To start using WhatsApp Business API, reach out to the authorised WhatsApp Business API Provider. The business must first have a mobile no. which is not being used on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, A company website and an email id with website domain. Then the business need to get verified with Facebook Business Manager. Once the account is verified, businesses can personalise their WhatsApp Business account by customising their profile picture, business description, and message templates to make their brand more recognisable.

2. Build Your List of Leads

The next step is to start generating organic leads on WhatsApp. Businesses can install WhatsApp Button on websites, display WhatsApp QR codes or provide a link to their WhatsApp account in various communications. Leads can also be acquired by running Click-To-WhatsApp ads on Meta platforms or we can simply add previously acquired leads to our dashboard for direct engagement.

3. Engage with Your Customers

Begin by engaging with your customers with personalised messages and quick response times. WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to engage with their customers in real-time. It can be used to provide customer support, answer queries, and solve customer problems. You can also conduct customer surveys to obtain feedback and improve the quality of your services.

4. Offer Promotions

Use WhatsApp to offer attractive promotions or offer exclusive access to deals. Send updates on new products, services or events, to keep customers informed. You can re-market or prompt customers to re-order their stuff according to their previous purchase behaviour. One can schedule and send regular updates, reminders, and promotions through this messaging API.

5. Automate Smart Chatbots

Automate commonly asked questions and FAQs with your chatbots, to free up more time to converse with customers. By creating effective message templates, businesses can customise their communication with customers according to their consumer behaviour.

6. Integrate WhatsApp Business API with E-Commerce

WhatsApp Business API can be integrated with E-Commerce platforms like Shopify or Woo-commerce, to improve operational efficiency and provide a seamless shopping experience. WhatsApp API can also help with Abandoned Cart Recovery and reduce order cancellations in a big way.

Finally, businesses can use the data gathered from WhatsApp interactions to better understand customer needs and improve their products or services accordingly. With WhatsApp Business API, businesses can connect seamlessly with customers, build brand loyalty and increase their reach. Getting started with WhatsApp Business API is easy and can offer a range of benefits to businesses. For more info have a quick Chat with an expert on WhatsApp.

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