New Feature in WhatsApp: UPI QR Code Scan Option

UPI QR Code in WhatsApp

Even after using PayTM and GPay, many people still don’t feel confident using any other app for money transactions.

⭐But, you’ll be excited to know that WhatsApp is introducing a new feature where you can scan UPI QR codes right from your chat list.

(Right now, only some users have access to this feature.)

This could be a smart move by Meta (the company behind WhatsApp) since there are a lot of people in India who like using UPI for transactions.

➡️   In fact, around ₹182 lakh crore worth of transactions were made using UPI in 2023.

This feature will be really handy for both businesses and common people because they won’t need to switch to any other app for payments.

👉 How to use it?

The QR code will be displayed near the 📷 camera option on your chat screen.

– You simply have to click on it to initiate the transaction, and ta-da 🎉, you are good to go.

Excited to try it out! How about you? 😄

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